The Data is In.

26+ years of data and range of studies, over 15,000
patients studied and concluded the effectiveness
of compression for DVT Prevention


Consider a Non-Pharma Option

Any surgery over 30 minutes under general anesthesia needs DVT Prevention. Consider a non-pharma option for at home use when you are most at risk.

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Physicians & Surgical Facilities

#1 Non-Pharma Option for Post Surgery

Studies show the need for DVT Prevention. Now you have the best option for prevention that doesn’t increase bleeding risks or have adverse drug events.

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Medical Experts Agree on the Blood Clot Epidemic

“More Americans die from DVT than breast cancer, AIDS and traffic fatalities combined..”

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“Patients are at the highest risk 5-10 days post surgery”

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“VTE is a leading cause of preventable hospital death in the United States”

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We Take DVT Very Seriously

DVT is the most preventable casue of death in healthcare surgical facilities. Precision is the number leader in mechanical compression for intraoperateive and at home DVT prevention. DVT affects over 2 million Americans each year and more Americans die from DVT than breast cancer, AIDS and traffice fatalities – combined. It’s coined the silent killer.

Blood Clots are Deadly and
a Significant, Growing Public Health Problem

Affected by Blood Clots
Blod Clot Related Deaths
= 100, 000
Blood Clots affect as many as

900,000 Americans

each year leading to approximately

100,000 premature deaths


of blood clots are healthcare associated

Although there are many reasons a person might develop a blood clot, about half of them are directly related to a recent hospitalization or surgery and most of these do not occur until after discharge

Rising Need for Non-Pharma DVT Prevention

Financial impact

Financial impact rising costs for patient readmittance for DVT or associated wound care from device usage is growing.

Patient safety

Patient safety adverse drug events, bleeding risks of anti-coagulants can be mitigated by mechanical prophylaxis as stated by the Joint Commission.

Patient Care

Patient are at the highest risk 5-10 days post surgery for DVT. Patient compliance at home is the largest gap in all healthcare. Providing a solution for in home use is the future of post surgery care.

Precision is Changing the Industry

Mechanical Compression is the Gold Standard for Post Surgery

Financial Impact

Circul8 will speed up discharge, mitigate the risk for a readmission DVT, eliminate large service contracts, reduce labor costs, and decrease the fall risk at the facility.

Patient Safety

Circul8 will improve clinical outcomes by decreasing blood clots and bleeding associated with pharmacalogic options.

Patient Care

Improve patient scores and feedback with cutting edge technology and one of a kind patient education.

Clinical Support

Sequential compression devices have been studied for over 26 years. Recent studies show compresssion therapy with aspirin after a total joint resulted in a blood clot rate of 0%. Board guidelines also recognize the use of this device at the home setting.
Prescribing Physicians of our
Leading DVT Solution
Healthcare Facility Partners
DVT Leader in
the Nation

Clinical Evidence

The Journal of Arthroplasty

The DVT rate for the post-discharge protocol of Aspirin and Portable Mechanical Compression therapy group was 0%…

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CHEST Guidelines

In patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty (THA) or total knee arthroplasty (TKA), we recommend use of one of the following…

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AAOS Guidelines

We suggest the use of pharmacologic agents and/or mechanical compressive devices for the prevention of venous….

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Dvt Affects All Surgery Types

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